This Coffee Shop Has A Lot Of Rules

Little-known fact: some coffee shops can be havens of passive-aggressive behavior. Reader Paul discovered what might be the most passive-aggressive coffee shop we’ve ever seen, and he’d like to share its dysfunction with the world.

Sufi Coffee in Mountain View, California has lots of signs about what is and is not acceptable behavior at Sufi Coffee. There are several signs instructing patrons that there is to be “No kissing around please.” One sign insists that customers “justify your being here”; another laments: “It is nice to be able to justify one’s presence when one is occupying a space and enjoying the ambience [sic] of that place… Especially a small business.”

The signs and restrictions intensified once Paul got to the bathroom. A sign asking customers to only flush toilet tissue, also warns, “Please refrain from going to big toilet. Thank you.” In case that was unclear, another sign lays it out there and politely asks that patrons refrain from defecating while at Sufi Coffee, thank you.

We at Consumerist are big believers that the right to use it is absolute. As is kissing around.

Diary of a Visit to a Coffeehouse Run by a Madman Thanks, Paul!

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