Virgin Mobile Offers To Pay Your Phone Bill For 3 Months If You Get Laid Off

Starting tomorrow, Virgin Mobile will offer all customers who sign up for $30 or more post-paid plans coverage under their free Pink Slip program, which means if you get laid off and can provide proof, they’ll pay your cellphone bill for three months, and you won’t have to put a Skype number on your resume.

Adriana Lee at gives the details:

Here’s how it works: New Virgin customers who choose plans priced at $29.99 or more get the Pink Slip plan immediately, but aren’t eligible for benefits until they’ve satisfied two months of paid service. Existing customers don’t have to wait two months, but need to sign up before the June 30th cut-off date. To activate the plan, Virgin Mobile requires proof of state-unemployment-benefits eligibility.

As you can see, the coverage isn’t automatic, so if you’re a Virgin Mobile customer be sure to follow up on it after tomorrow.

“Got laid off? Virgin Mobile’s got you covered” []
(Photo: snofla)

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