Martha Stewart And Kmart Settle With Magician Who Lost Fingertip In Lounge Chair

It looks like a certain Des Moines magician/hand model will be able to afford a fancy new gold fingertip soon, or at least a gold-plated one, because he’s settled his lawsuit against Kmart and Martha Stewart Omnimedia for an undisclosed amount.

The man’s lawyer said, “I’m glad we were able to reach a satisfactory settlement… It’s unusual that a man who makes his living with his fingers, particularly slight-of-hand magic tricks, would suffer this injury.” The lawyer is still representing other victims of the finger-eating chairs but wouldn’t provide details.

“Iowa hand model settles suit with Martha Stewart” [Associated Press] (Thanks to Tricia!)

“These Martha Stewart/Kmart Lounge Chairs Keep Cutting Off Fingertips”

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