5 Tips For Getting Unstuck From A Miserable Job

There are two common feelings that many of us have regarding our work lives: happiness that it’s Friday (TGIF!) and dread that it’s Monday. In other words, we’re less than thrilled with the satisfaction we get from our jobs. Trent at The Simple Dollar brings up this age-old issue and suggests five steps for making the move to a career/job you might actually enjoy (though you’ll likely earn less doing it) as follows:

* Get in touch with the work you would really enjoy.
* Communicate with those around you.
* Identify the places where you could cut spending in your life.
* Build up an emergency fund.
* Set a “target date.”

While considering the issues surrounding this topic — hating our jobs, working just for the money, being trapped in a job because of financial pressures or needs, etc. — we started wondering just how many people really dislike their jobs but feel they are “stuck” in them due to lifestyle or other reasons. Leave your thoughts in the comments below — should be a very interesting discussion.

Weekday Misery, Weekend Pleasure [The Simple Dollar]

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