Kosher Coke Continues Its Popularity Among Sugar Lovers

Now that Pepsi has gotten the message that some people just prefer sugar-sweetened-soda, we’re wondering why Coke doesn’t offer it’s Kosher for Passover version all year round. It’s certainly popular with Coca-Cola aficionados of all religious persuasions.

A little background, during Passover Jewish custom is to not eat any foods that have leavening in them, including corn. Hence, Coke makes a version of its product that doesn’t include HFCS for Passover.

USAToday says the bottles are flying off the shelves:

“They’re quite popular not just with Jews, but non-Jews as well,” Rabbi Alan Schwartz told the paper.

“It’s been flying out of the store.”

Sugar-sweetened Coke is also available year round as an import from Mexico.

Kosher coke ‘flying out of the store’ [USAToday]

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