3 ATM Skimmers Found In One Week At Chase/WaMus – What?!

Three different ATM skimmers were found this week and reported on blogs, raising the question of what the heck is going on considering these are supposed to be a rarity. First, our reader Dan found a skimmer on a WaMu/Chase ATM in LA. Gizmodo picked up the story and subsequently their reader Sean Seibel found a skimmer on a Chase ATM in Manhattan’s East Village. Then this kid Nick McGlynn found a setup similar to the one Sean did, also on a Chase ATM. Now, when our reader Dan took the credit-card snagging device skimmer to the police he said they, “got a big kick out of the skimmer, saying they’d never seen one in person.” Hmm… Let’s look at a bunch of sexy ATM skimming photos and figure out what’s up with all these skimmers cropping up…

Here are some tell-tale signs to look for:

  • Slots that don’t fit (and can be removed!)
  • Multiple mirrors – one could be hiding a camera that records your PIN
  • Strange ATM error messages
  • Trouble inserting or removing your card
  • The ATM looks different from the other ATMs around it
  • Dummy brochure boxes with hidden cameras on them

You can also find skimmers on gas pumps and Red Box DVD dispensers… really, practically anywhere there’s a card swipe and no one is around to watch.

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