Monster Cable Awakens From Slumber, Sues Another Company

Well, that didn’t last long. Back in January, we were hopeful that Monster Cable had seen the error of its stupid ways and stopped suing everyone but the dictionary for using the word “monster” in their title. They were just hibernating, it seems, and now they’re back and bullying another company—this time a family-owned transmission manufacturer in Florida named Monster Transmission.

Monster Cable demanded the transmission company turn over the name, and when the owners refused, Monster Cable slapped them with a lawsuit. According to, which spoke to the owner of the transmission company, Monster Cable has made no counter offer or attempted to reach a settlement of any sort.

Maybe this is actually Monster Cable’s marketing budget at work. If any publicity is good publicity, then these lawsuits keep the company in the news on a yearly basis—and since there’s really no good reason to ever buy a Monster Cable based on actual qualities of the product, why not go for some outside-the-box advertising? Or maybe they’re just gold-plated, high-definition jackasses who ride Segways around while they show off their customized Bentleys.

“Monster Cable Shifts Back Into Lawsuit Gear Against Monster Transmission “ [] (Thanks to everyone who sent this in, and M for the YouTube link!)
(Photo: ckelly/a>)

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