Ride For Free On Jet Blue (If You Can Get Yourself "Trapped" In The Cargo Hold)

A Jet Blue employee hitched a free flight from JFK Airport in NYC to Logan Airport in Boston this past weekend, after getting trapped in the cargo hold before takeoff. Police aren’t charging him with a crime, but they told the Boston Globe that, “Even after talking to him, we were a little uncertain as to how it happened.” He apparently called the company from the cargo hold once the plane was in the air—which is exactly what we would do to deflect suspicion in a scheme like this. Tokyo, here we come via new part-time job as a baggage handler!

We thought there was a risk of cargo holds being unheated or unpressurized, but luckily for the anonymous stowaway Jet Blue pressurizes theirs. It’s certainly a better place to hide than the wheel well.

“The flight was free, but the ride was rough” [The Boston Globe] (Thanks to R!)
(Photo: Spring Dew)

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