Pistachios Recalled For Salmonella

The FDA recalled three different kinds of pistachios this week for salmonella. [Consumer Reports Safety Blog] (Photo: ?o??ƒx™)


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  1. calquist says:

    This salmonella thing is getting to be even more annoying than Nadya Suleman.

  2. nakedscience says:

    Oh, no, these are the best nuts in the entire world. :(

    I’m craving pistachios now :(

    • CubeRat says:


      those would be really good right now. Makes me want to head over to Costco to grab a giant bag of em.

      I think I want to risk the salmonella.

      • projoe1979 says:

        @CubeRat: Just picked up a bag of their salt and peppered flavored ones last night on my way home. It’s been nice knowing… well none of you, but I imagine my friends will miss me.

        • edwardso says:

          @projoe1979: I love the salt and pepper ones. I’m sure this recall will have the same effect as the peanut butter one. It’ll make me eat tons of the forbidden stuff.

          • Trai_Dep says:

            @edwardso: Just called my Trader Joe’s, cuz I got a phat bag o’ pistachios last night. “Are they… Safe?” I asked.
            “Ours are fine – g’head and eat yourself sick!”, he heartily replied.

            Then we both chuckled at his poor choice of enthusiastic expression.

      • nakedscience says:

        @CubeRat: THEY ARE CRACK in nut form.

  3. lemonchar says:

    God. How hard is it to keep your f’ing facility clean??

  4. arsenicookie says:

    dammit.. i’ve been munching on pistachios for 3 days… i’m going to die.

  5. LegoMan322 says:

    American=lazy, corrupt and incompetent. Looks like I have to stop eating cashews ” just incase”. I want my bank to get salmonella.

    • HiPwr says:

      @LegoMan322: You’ve got a point there. Americans need to be more like the Chinese.

      • Chumas says:

        @HiPwr: Oh yeah, sure. No rights, no real freedoms, officials more corrupt than a Byzantine, odd lethal chemicals in the food, and lets not forget if you’re executed there they bill your family for the bullet.

        On the other hand, they DO machine gun drug smugglers en masse at the stadium.

  6. Pibbs says:

    So you’re not going to love my nuts?

  7. SnaLanKoat_GitEmSteveDave says:

    I have a bag of Setton Farms Pistachios in my cabinet right now. They’re Kosher. Does that mean they’re safer?

  8. MitchEvious says:

    I say we send a couple bags to AIG.

  9. GrandizerGo says:

    My local Walgreens has been selling 2 bags for 7 bucks, they just lowered the same bags to 2 for 5 bucks…
    Makes you wonder….

  10. ben gardners boat says:


    I just bought some emerald peanuts the other day. The’re packaged in California. Are my nuts okay?

    Don’t these places process all kinds of nuts in the same place?

  11. DanR2 says:

    To hell with these recall panics. I just opened a big bag of Planter’s pistachios. They’re damn good and worth the risk.

  12. Ninjanice says:

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! This damned salmonella is taking all of my favorite snacks away from me!

  13. Jfielder says:

    This seriously makes me want to eat pistachios.

  14. diasdiem says:

    What, did Peanut Corporation of America just think they could change their sign and no one would notice?

  15. Danica Grannon says:

    Damn…I love these little nuts. WHY GOD WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY.

  16. The Tick says:

    Bought three bags of this brand from Woot! a couple of weeks ago. I dropped them a note asking if they knew about this and if their product was included. They assured me that they were NOT included, but also gave me a full refund just in case I wasn’t comfortable with the possibility of contamination.

    Now THAT’S customer service!

  17. ElizabethD says:

    Bought a bag of pistachios, cashews, and almonds at Aldi yesterday. Ate half of it while watching “House” last night.

    So far: no ill effects. There: my teeny data point du jour.

    • Chumas says:

      @ElizabethD: it can take 2-4 days before you become asymptomatic and you start crapping blood out of your starfish.
      To “Head them off at the pass” eat a couple containers of live culture yogurt to buff up your gut bacteria levels.

    • orlo says:

      @ElizabethD: With all of the new infections salmonella has evolved into a permanent infection with no symptoms. Soon it will infiltrate your brain, subtly affecting your actions to maximize transmission to others. I’m optimistic/apprehensive that it will result in more butt sex.

      • ElizabethD says:


        Thank you all for these words of encouragement! I never liked butt sex, to be honest, but perhaps the pistachios will usher in a new age of adventure for me.

  18. Mozoltov, motherfucker says:

    Is it a coincidence that there is an article about butt wiping right below this? because that was probably the problem, some migrant wiping his butt with his hands rather than t-p.

  19. HiPwr says:

    The article has a list of the affected products. Don’t buy from that list and you’ll be fine. It’s kind of like playing Russian roullette with a revolver that has 499,999,999,999 empty chambers. Worry more about being attacked by a rabid donkey.

  20. subtlefrog says:

    @undefined: Here I thought it was because of the obscene need one will have for said toilet paper should one contract salmonella…trust me, it ain’t pretty.

  21. Pinget says:

    Salmonella = bird poo. How hard is it to keep bird poo out of the food supply?!?