Kraft Salad Dressing Comes With Built In Mini-Shiv

Every time Kevin unscrews a new bottle of Kraft salad dressing, the sharp plastic hinge cuts him. This is good to know if you’re in a supermarket and need to show another shopper that you’re not to be messed with. It’s also good to know if you’re trying to unscrew a Kraft dressing bottle, we guess.

Kevin writes:

I seem to have a problem opening Kraft salad dressing bottles with the flip top cap. The last few bottles I have purchased ripped my finger open when I tried to open them, it happened again today in the work kitchen and I had several co-workers mention that they have been cut in the exact same way by these packages.

The problem seems to be in the flip cap. The hinge on the cap is razor sharp, which is not a problem when flipping open the cap. The problem is when you have to screw off the cap to remove the tamper resistant seal on the bottle. To do this you have to twist the bottle cap running your fingers over the razor sharp hinge resulting in a cut almost every time.

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