If you were recently laid off, you can get a free FranklinCovey day planner this Saturday, March 21st, by showing up at a participating store and giving the name of your former employer and the date you were let go. [FranklinPlanner.com] (Thanks to Anne!)


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  1. Your friends can call you HoJu! says:

    Sunday March 22nd- Fill out owner information page of new day planner
    Monday March 23rd- nothing
    Tuesday March 24th- nothing
    Wednesday March 25th- complete unemployment paperwork
    Thuesday March 26th- nothing
    Friday March 27th- Check Monster.com


  2. Chris Walters says:

    @I’m not gonna type all that: Saturday March 28th – go buy more pages to put in planner.

  3. Steve Carlin says:

    Define “recently” please.

  4. ShirtMac says:

    Hmmm…spend money for gas to drive 2 hours to a store when I’m broke? Nahhhh……

  5. Brontide says:

    They are looking at their projections and realize that they will be sitting on huge stockpiles of pre-printed 2009 pages. This way they probably get an inexpensive planner off their shelves and if 10% of the people buy refills next year then they will break even.

  6. Cherri L Brown says:

    scratch that..not on Saturday wait a minute, everyday is Saturday now

  7. FuryOfFirestorm says:

    March 17- Lost job

    March 18- Sold blood to pay bills. Woozy…

    March 19- Cried all day, ate whole gallon of Haagen Dazs, threw up

    March 20- Wife left, took the kids, car, my manhood

    March 21- Got job as porno theater janitor, now have Gonnaherpesyphilaids

    March 22- House repo’d by bank, sleeping in ATM vestibule

    March 23- Was going to kill self, but who would fill out the rest of this lovely free day planner FranklinCovey gave me?

    March 24- Jacked off crackhead for $10. Cannot go any lower

    March 25- Spoke too soon. Learned how to “toss a salad”

    • Xerloq says:

      @FuryOfFirestorm: Ewwww…. you made me Google that!

    • shepd says:


      March 26 – Attempted to actually kill self. Figured a drop of 167 feet into crushing whirlpool would do the trick. Didn’t work. Not even a broken bone for my trouble.

      March 27 – Even more depressed than yesterday. Lost my last set of clothes in the incident. Planning to steal hospital gown. Still waiting in the ER.

      March 28 – 1,000 holes per ceiling tile. Sleeping in the hallway of the hospital now. Slightly happier as it is warm and I get 3 hots a day.

      March 29 – Contracted MRSA and might actually die, finally.

      March 30 – Assholes at the hospital transferred me to Mercy Hospital. This Gregory House dude is a serious asshole. He says I actually have lupus along with MRSA, but if I take these pills and don’t go cold turkey on eating boiled footwear for lunch I’ll be fine. Says I should wean myself off of workboots and instead start on pumps.

      March 31 – God damn it, I’m still alive. *sigh* Let’s try to jump off the Empire State Building while I’m in NY. 86th floor should be plenty high enough.

      April 1 – Who the hell opens a window on the 85th floor! Still alive and depressed as hell. Didn’t even have to go to hospital, but I do get to spend the night in jail. Going to try to learn some techniques while here.

      April 2 – Released! Pickpocketed knife, used it on self, turned out to be a stage knife. Still alive despite having actually given up on life. Do I count as a Zombie yet?

    • audiochick says:

      @FuryOfFirestorm: If you can afford Haagen Dazs, you must not be doing too bad…

    • Your friends can call you HoJu! says:

      @FuryOfFirestorm: You don’t have to spend your life shootin’ up in the trash. Homeless on the street givin’ hand-jobs for cash.

  8. ds says:

    A twist of irony: About 7 years ago, I worked for FranklinCovey. Left to go to another job, but they closed down my old store 2 months later.

    Oh, and Fury, nice NOFX reference.

  9. Repique says:

    Am I the only one wondering what planner, exactly, they’re going to be giving out free? Are we talking a nice low-end classic binder with a year’s worth of daily pages, or a pocket-sized wire-bound weekly planner with no cover that they were already verging on unable to sell because the year is nearly 1/4 over?

  10. MMD says:

    A “free” planner only costs your dignity! What a deal!!

  11. Anonymous says:

    I called one of the stores. They have about 40 different kinds of planners they said were all included, ring bound and wirebound. they also have some free binders for the ring bound planners if people need one. My wife wants one for her job search, so I guess I’m driving over.