Sprint Lies To FCC About Ripping Off Consumer Reporter

Dan Hesse should be ashamed. Ripping off a consumer reporter and then lying to the FCC about it? Bad idea. Here’s what Sprint did to The Red Tape Chronicles reporter Bob Sullivan

Bob canceled his account. They billed him for 11 days after he canceled because their “policy” is to bill for the entire billing period. He protested to no avail He filed an FCC complaint. Nothing happened for a month. Then he called up identifying himself as a reporter. The FCC then forwarded his complaint over to Sprint who just reiterarted the policy. Oh, and they told him his account hadn’t been canceled and he owed them more money. Bob and the Sprint rep kept missing each other’s calls, and then she responded to the FCC complaint saying Bob was unreachable, and, here’s the kicker: they said Bob called back after he canceled and asked for the cancellation to be postponed – a blatant lie. The FCC then closed the investigation.

Dan Hesse, you should be ashamed.

FCC: Sprint Can Be Judge And Jury [Red Tape Chronicles]

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