"TicketsNow Hangs Up When I Say 'Refund'"

TicketsNow has a pretty explicit guarantee that if the tickets you buy aren’t good, they’ll refund the money. In Sean’s case, they seem to have found a way to avoid delivering on that promise: they just disconnect whenever he mentions the word “refund.”

Here’s a copy of the email he just sent to TicketsNow:

I’ve been a long time customer of TicketMaster and thier services, and never had a problem in the past. This is my first experience with TickerMaster’s TicketsNow division, and I find the level of service received to be unacceptable.

I am writing once again to inquire as to the status of a refund. I have tried calling several times, but after I speak to customer service my call continually gets disconnected once I mention the word “refund”. I have e-mailed several times, received only one response. Inquiries to the status of my refund have been ignored. With all charges and fees I spent a total of $313.95 on tickets that were completely unusable. This is not acceptable, and I would like a refund for the tickets.

* I mailed the tickets back Feb 13, 2009 as instructed by TicketsNow customer service via USPS.
* We learned the show /no longer existed/ the day before the event was supposed to take place (after we were set to travel to the show).

[Order details redacted]

I have done everything asked of me by TicketsNow, but when I ask about the status of a refund I get no answer. It’s been almost a month, and I would really appreciate an update as to what is going on.

Do you see that, Ticketmaster? Sean isn’t even demanding a refund—he just wants to know what’s happening on your end! If you’re not giving him the refund, just tell him already.

(Photo: jragon)

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