Jon Stewart And Jim Cramer %#%@# Hate Each Other

Jon Stewart recently took the time that was to be devoted to an interview of CNBC’s Rick Santelli (Santelli canceled) and instead spent it destroying CNBC. During the destruction, a little bit of shrapnel landed on crazy Jim Cramer and being Jim Cramer — he totally flipped his sh*t and started “defending himself” on

In the 6 page article, Cramer said that The Daily Show was incorrect in claiming that he had suggested that people buy Bear Stearns stock — when he in fact was just telling people not to pull their money out of Bear Stearns accounts (which are insured against the bank failing).

The Daily Show responded with a fairly painful collection clips of Cramer recommending Bear Stearns stock. This apparently caused Cramer to book a tour of NBC’s various networks so he could fan the flames a little higher.

Now, in round three of Stewart Vs Cramer, Stewart responds by getting Dora the Explorer to say “pendejo.” Enjoy.

… And while we do wish this feud could go on forever, it seems that Cramer will be a guest on The Daily Show tomorrow night. Oh, joy!

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