Evil, Evil Person Steals $800 From Cookie-Selling Girl Scouts

The news just keeps getting worse for the Girl Scouts. First some jerk started paying for cookies with fake money — now some guy in a ski mask robbed some Girl Scouts who were selling cookies outside of a grocery store in Alaska.

According to the Juneau Empire, the girls and their troop leader were just about finished with a four hour cookie shift when “a man in a ski mask and goggles allegedly nabbed a cash box around 5:50 p.m. and fled through the parking lot.”

The troop leader tried chasing the man, but he got away. Apparently someone was quick enough to jot down the license plate of the car, but the Juneau police have yet to comment on the status of the cookie investigation.

Linda Sylvester, program and membership coordinator for the Tongass Alaska Girl Scout Council, said she has never heard of a similar incident involving the annual fundraising event. Last year, someone purchased cookies with a counterfeit $50 bill, and Sylvester said she heard a story of someone using a fraudulent check in Washington.

“Those were the most egregious things that I’d ever heard of, but nobody has robbed a Girl Scout troop,” Sylvester said. “That’s really bad karma.”

It’s tough being a Girl Scout in an economic meltdown.

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