Convert And Combine Your WaMu And Chase Cards

The handover is complete and Chase now officially runs the WaMu credit card operations. Here’s how to combine your WaMu credit lines with your Chase credit lines. [CreditMattersBlog] (Photo: Ed Yourdon)


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  1. dlynch says:

    i did this yesterday, and it couldn’t have been easier. hooray! one less card in my wallet.

  2. speedwell (propagandist and secular snarkist) says:

    I have checking and savings accounts through WaChaseMu, and I wouldn’t use them for debt. Phooey. What I could use is a good strategy for efficiently transferring my paycheck direct deposit to my credit union checking and share accounts…

  3. Zanorfes says:

    While it’s easy to merge your account, has anybody seen the usual Mandatory Arbitration clause in their terms? Just another way they want to have the upper hand.

  4. Matt says:

    I called up Chase and tried to do this yesterday. My WaMu card has a 2500$ limit and the Chase one $500. The rep told me I had to leave at least $500 on the Chase, the account I desired to close out since the WaMu is setup on more recurring payments, has a longer history, etc. So basically I could do nothing. I’ll just leave the Chase one in my drawer and keep using my WaMu as usual until it expires. *sigh*

    • internetsguy says:

      @Matt: This is information is both right and wrong. The normal customer service person you first speak w/ at Chase only has the authority to do certain things. The woman I first spoke with at Chase told me the same thing, but she then transferred me to another department who had the ability to transfer my entire balance and close out my Chase card. I ended up keeping the WaMu card because it was opened a few years before my Chase card.

  5. JonThomasDesigns says:

    Wont this shut down a account and therefor hurt your credit by making credit your length shorter .. i understand it wont hurt balance because they are combined ??

  6. shepd says:

    I did the same thing when I got an impotent $500 visa card as a student. I applied for another visa (with a different name) from the same bank with another $500 credit limit. Called them up, explained to the bank they’re in it for $1,000 either way, let’s make this easy and combine them. Easy as that.

    ‘course now I hate credit cards.

  7. econobiker says:

    Chase brought Providian (I think) and I had cards from each with a balance on each. They wouldn’t let me combine cards or balances or credit limits. Something about different systems, etc.

    I would later find out that this was a deliberate tactic since they figured out that the card holders ran more chances to late pay and go over limit with two cards at lower credit limits than one card with a higher credit limit.

    I solved the problem by rolling both account balances into one different brand card. Good bye Chase.

  8. lawnmowerdeth says:

    Had my card from back when it was Providian. Paid it off about the time Chase announced the buyout.
    Cut it up yesterday.

    I’m really going to miss my free credit score every month.

  9. Anonymous says:

    I was a loyal WAMU customer, but I refuse to do business with Chase. I’m now with a small regional bank until they get bought out by one of the big banks I won’t trust with my money.

  10. Anonymous says:

    I’ve been transferred to 3 different people over the past 30 minutes trying to do this. For some reason they pulled my credit report and are now asking me tons of questions about items on it. I don’t get it, these are my existing credit line, just combine them damnit.

  11. econobiker says:

    It might have been Provident then – it was about 4 years ago. Thanks for the update.

    I wish the reply button worked for me.

  12. ZukeZuke says:

    Nice story.

    I hope when they convert the WAMU checking accounts to Chase acct #’s that they give us free (new) checks! I’m on my last check pad and need a refill in a couple of months…

  13. jallen80 says:

    So… I have (had) two wamu credit accounts, none from chase. Anyone know if they would they combine the two?

  14. jpmoney says:

    I don’t know whether to be scared or impressed. I’m another Providian->WaMu->Chase victi–err, customer. Our mortgage is through Chase and now I can see both accounts on the Chase site.

    I was a bit miffed about losing 1% cash back to Chase’s “points” system. The mailing didn’t explain it for crap, but it turns out as long as I convert points in $100 increments its the same thing. If anything its better now that I don’t have to wait until the account anniversary to get the points.

  15. hamburglar says:

    After various mergers over the years, this now gives me five credit cards with Chase (three with zero balances), including one that’s simply for overdraft protection on my Chase checking account. Tonight I’ll call to merge the former WaMu card with one of the Chase cards just to bring that number back down. Yikes.

  16. Anonymous says:

    I had a credit card with WaMu, and discovered today that when it switched over to Chase they raised my APR to an outrageous 20.24%. That’s nowhere close to what it used to be. According to Chase, the accounts are so new that I’ll have to wait a month to get it lowered.

  17. zero1 says:

    I don’t have to worry about combining my WaMu and Chase cards since Chase canceled my credit card last month. Which pisses me off since I bank with them and for some reason my wife loves Chase and her Mom works for Chase.

  18. OsiUmenyiora says:

    Hey, that’s my Chase branch in that picture! Broadway and 96th.

  19. Lulu at How I Save Money says:

    It was actually easy to combine the cards when I used the forgot password option. I did that and they asked for my card number and then rolled the account into my existing login info on my chase accounts.