ComcastMustDie Declares Victory Overy Comcast

Bob Garfield, creator of, has declared victory. Comcast isn’t dead, but he says instead of being “a vast, greedy, blundering, tone-deaf corporate colossus,” it’s merely all of the above with the exception of tone-deaf. ComcastMustDie is one of the many online different outlets for customer rage that Comcast has tapped into to proactively respond to customer complaints. They still have a long way to go, but at least they’re listening. That is all Bob really wanted, it seems, as he’s moving on to a new project,, that will solicit and broadcast consumer complaints against all kinds of companies. And yep, Comcast will still be one of them.

ComcastMustDie (forthcoming)


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  1. N.RobertMoses says:

    I have a feeling that Bob Garfield just wants to move on to a new project (which sounds a hell of a lot like Consumerist), instead of keep up with this obviously worthy one, it isn’t like his day job at On the Media is too much. Lousy monopolies like this should die.

  2. discounteggroll says:

    over or ovary? could swing either way

  3. caveman1428 says:

    In case this helps anyone out, I recently went over my bill and found that ive been charged $8-$15 a month for the past 7 months for a DVR box and realized the box they gave me isnt a DVR box. Not sure how ive missed it before but just noticed it the other day. Called Comcast up and after a little uhhs and ahhs they finally credited my account for a little over $70. Not that much but its still $70 back in my pocket. Make sure you really go over that bills and question anything that comes up. Hope this helps.

    • PunditGuy says:

      @caveman1428: I got charged for four months for a second cable box when I only had one. I noticed it right away the first month it happened, and I called to get the charge removed. Despite assurances that the problem was solved and I’d see a credit on my next bill, I had to repeat the process in the second and third months. By the time the fourth month came around, I switched from being polite to raising holy hell with the CSR — and they finally made the correction, along with a credit.

      I’ve recently switched from an $80-a-month plan (which had been a $70-a-month plan — I can’t believe they had the stones to raise rates in this environment) to a $12-a-month plan. There are few things in life that would give me more pleasure than seeing this company die a fiery death.

    • dragonpup says:

      @caveman1428: For what it is worth, at least in the region I work in, a HD DVR is about $8-10/month more than a HD box. It sounds like the rep gave you the difference back.

  4. brettt says:

    I think you spelled ‘ovary’ incorrectly.

  5. blissfool says:


    More likely that “over” was spelled incorrectly.

  6. kimshot says:

    @blissfool And “declares” as well.

  7. plasticbiker says:

    The link to goes to a domain parking page.

  8. JGKojak says:

    ConsumerCircus must die!

  9. Plates says:

    How can anyone declare victory when the mission is not accomplished? Oh wait, this is from some NPR liberal who can do anything they want and not get called on it. You end it when Comcast dies a deserving death.

  10. rpm773 says:

    If that’s all he was looking for, why didn’t he call his cause “Comcastmustnotbeatone-deaf,corporatecolossus”?

    Probably because one can’t have commas in a domain name. I just answered my own question.

  11. Charlie Walsh says:

    Comcast isn’t tonedeaf? Haven’t you seen their new commercials?

  12. nakedscience says:

    Do you have a monkey typing for you guys today? “Overy” and “Delcares”, eh?

  13. LastVigilante says:

    I have the domain Any suggestions on what I should do with it?

    I was thinking of a forum for Comcast related horror stories, suggested alternatives and general stress relief.

  14. quizmasterchris says:

    That website is great – they helped me get service after THREE YEARS of struggle with Comcast. I got several months’ free internet & a check for what they overcharged me plus money for my lot work time after Comcast lid to me dozens of times.

    The key is that you need to NOT ACCEPT Comcast’s first offer for ‘compensation’ when that ‘compensation’ still leaves you in a hole. They CAN send you a refund aside from crediting your bill, they CAN refund you for lost work time when they mislead you and waste your work week, and they SHOULD. Push it, push it, don’t let them steal from you.

    I am one of those people who really wants the corporate death penalty for Comcast. They are scum.

  15. docrice says:

    Oh come on, I was really hoping to see a “Mission Accomplished” banner attached to this post….

  16. Cicada says:

    So sad to see this site go!

    I am trying to get Comcast to assess whether or not my apartment is in a service area. The apartment I am in has cable outlets, and there aren’t any other cable companies in our area. So far I’ve been told the assessment would take 2-3 days by one rep and 7-10 days by another (it’s been 2 weeks since I requested the assessment). The last rep I spoke to acted as though I was an idiot for expecting the assessment to take place within the time parameters given.

    I hate Comcast because they are the only game in town, they know it, and they have no problem abusing their customers.

  17. Anonymous says:

    To clarify:
    I declared victory over Comcast months ago — about 6, if memory serves. I’m assured that the expanded project,, will be operational within a month. (However, I’ve been assured of that each of the past six months, so, who knows?)

    Meantime, ComcastMustDie is still functioning quite nicely, as far as I can tell. And it will be folded into the new site when the time comes.

    To further clarify, I am NOT running I’m a journalist with other windmills to tilt at. This was an experiment that succeeded, and I believe my work is done.


  18. RedwoodFlyer says:

    Surprise surprise….ComcastCares & The rest of the ComDrones are AWOL…

    • Suulia says:


      Speaking for myself as a ComDrone (hehe), I don’t have the time to read Consumerist every hour of every day. I’m on my lunch break right now.

      There are many, many stories here, and I enjoy reading them, but sometimes I can’t keep up with all of them.

  19. Suulia says:

    What exactly did he succeed at doing?

    His goal was to kill Comcast, and yet Comcast is quite alive and thriving I might add, and isn’t in fact dead. Yet he says he succeeded?


  20. Joeb5 says:

    I declared victory over comcast years ago by going to wow! cable 75+ analog channels so I did not need box to get things like SCI-IF and more. Now I a’m on Direct tv as WOW! had a poor HD line up and Comcast want as Direct HD DVR with out a HD box or DVR and you need to add the sports pack to some of the same channels that Direct TV HD DVR pack has. Also exters boxes cost more on comcast. As well as X2 – X3 the space on the DVR.

  21. jeffbone says: may be changing, but the original (also run by Mr. Garfield) seems to still be plugging along.

    Color me a little confused…

  22. trujunglist says:

    No, that’s not all Bob wanted. Bob wanted them to die. He said that they MUST die.
    Since it’s obvious that Comcast will not die, nor have they even changed their ways, I’d say that Bob’s obsession with Comcast has driven him to the point of insanity and Comcast has only lost in what’s left of his mind. Poor poor Bob.