Sears' New 'Secret Eavesdropping' Phone Technique Improves Customer Service, But Totally Freaks Out Other Sears Employees

It looks like Sears has finally figured out a way to ensure good customer service for home deliveries. Unfortunately, this method induces extreme paranoia in other Sears employees. The woman referred to as “Delivery” in Jason’s retelling below will probably never trust another coworker again.

I am getting a new cooktop, paid for by my home warranty. I received a message on Monday that it would be delivered on Tuesday, and I called back to see if I could change the time. I first spoke to the warranty service person (“Warranty”), and she “transferred” me to the delivery person (“Delivery”), which is when things get fun.

Delivery and I speak for a few minutes – she confirmed my address, etc. At some point, I ask, “Is this just a delivery or is it an installation? I have time to stay home for a dropoff, but I don’t have time to spend with an installation person.” Delivery hesitates, clearly not sure about the answer to the question.

Suddenly, Warranty chimes in, “This is just dropoff. Install will happen at another time.”

I am a bit surprised, since I did not realize that Warranty was still on the line. My surprise is nothing, however, compared to Delivery. Delivery FREAKS OUT, asking questions like “Who is this? Why are you on the line? If you work for Sears, why didn’t you tell me you were on the line?”

After they debate this for a while, Warranty gets back to helping me. I acknowledge that install will happen at another time and agree to be home for the delivery on Tuesday. Delivery is mostly silent, with occasional outbursts of “I wish someone would tell me what is going on.” and similar phrases.

As we prepare to end the call, I ask, “So, delivery will occur tomorrow (Tuesday). Is that correct?” This is met with silence. After a few seconds, I say, “Hello? Is anyone there?” Warranty says, “Where did she go?” Delivery says something like, “I am still here, but I don’t know what is going on. Yes, your delivery is coming tomorrow, but what is with the listening in? This is not the White House. We don’t need Secret Service.” Warranty attempts to clarify that she was just listening to make sure that I had all of my questions answered, but this is to no avail. I say thank you and we all hang up (I assume).

Quotes are used liberally above – I unfortunately don’t have a recording. I would honestly like to thank Sears for outstanding customer service – they have been very efficient. I just hope that their warranty and delivery departments aren’t in the same building or there may have been a fight!

(Photo: justj0000lie)

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