Every Year Capital One Reopens My Account And XBOX Live Debits Money

Every year Erick gets a Christmas present from Capital One. They reopen the credit card he closed 4 or 5 years ago. At that point, Microsoft gets into the act and starts billing that account for XBOX Live service he canceled at about the same time.

Erick says:

A long time ago I joined xbox live. I then cancelled xbox live a bit later. Microsoft continues to bill me even though my account is cancelled and they can’t even find me in their system. I had paid off and closed my CapitalOne card about 4 or 5 years ago. Every year at Christmas, however, I get a neat present from them. See what they do is re-open my credit account then allow the xbox live payment to go through. Then I have to spend hours on the phone being bounced between customer service and collections and explaining over and over what happened. I finally get in touch with someone who knows what they’re doing. I get told “yeah that shouldn’t happen”. They reverse all the charges and tell me the account will be closed permanently now.

Next Christmas comes along. Wash…Rinse…Repeat.

Well, I was no longer at the job or address that they had on file for me this time. So I’ve been sent to collections on an unauthorized charge made against an expired card attached to a closed account.

Well excuse me, CapitalOne, for not calling to inform you that I had moved WHEN MY ACCOUNT WITH YOU SHOULDN’T EVEN BE ACTIVE!

This time I’m not messing around. I’ve sent a certified letters to their president and the attorney general’s office for their state. I’m also going to be searching out lawyers if this isn’t settled. I’m tired of this game.

Yay! Go Erick! Get ’em! You should also inform the attorney general of your own state, as they represent your interests no matter where the company is located.


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