Top 5 Best Value New Small Cars

If you’re one of the like, 6 people who are buying new cars this year, you’re probably looking to get the most for your money. Our sister-publication Consumer Reports took a look at this year’s cars in a new way — judging them based not only on their test results but on their total cost of ownership. Let’s take a look.

CR says:

We wanted to show which models are the best values; in other words, which give you the most bang for your buck. And for that, owner costs are only part of the picture. In fact, we found that some of the models that are least expensive to own are not good values.

To determine the best values, we looked at three factors:

* Our five-year owner cost estimates
* The overall road-test scores from our comprehensive test program
* Our predicted-reliability ratings.

Consumer Reports’ Best Value Small Cars

  1. Honda Civic EX
  2. Honda Fit (base)
  3. Hyundai Elantra SE
  4. Toyota Corolla LE
  5. Honda Civic Hybrid

CR also has results for the Best Value Family Cars, Best Value Small SUVs, Best Value Midsized SUVs as well as the best overall value. Check it out.

Best new car values: It’s more than dollars and cents [CR]

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