J.Crew CEO Gives Man 30 Shoes Because They Lied To Him

Paul now has 30 free pairs of sneakers from J.Crew for calling them out on some bullshit.

It started off with me shopping in a store in NJ. I really liked the sneaker there but the store was closing and I had to head back to Brooklyn. The sales associate told me to just go online and id be able to get the shoes for same price via website. They were 50% off in store, plus I had 15 % student discount. I call J.Crew online, and the sales person is super nice. She places me on hold to confirm with store the price.

She tells me that she spoke to the manager and that the shoes were never 50% off. I asked who she spoke to. Hang up and call store myself. Turns out there’s no manager in there by the name I was given

I call back J.Crew. I am told salesperson who i was working with left for the day, only to then find out she’s actually still in. Basically lied to non-stop.

I call CEO. His assistant takes care of me. I have 30 new pairs of sneakers now.

Awesomness defined.

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