Best Buy Loaner Phone Filled With Pornography

Porn and Electronics. They go together about as well as Peanut butter and Salmonella. Now Rudy Phillips is intimately aware of this connection; after sending out her phone to be serviced by Best Buy Mobile, she received a loaner phone that was filled with… well, you know.

“It’s not fair. It’s not fair to me to pick up a telephone that you loan me, that you loan me, and look at some trash like this,” Phillip said.

No, it’s not fair. Whats even more troubling is the fact that any pictures were on there to begin with. Chances are, if pictures are on the phone, there will be personal data as well, as a recent post highlighted.

Of course, Best Buy is ‘investigating’ the issue.

Best Buy said they are looking into the situation to ensure it does not happen again.

“At Best Buy, we are committed to protecting customer data privacy. We’re investigating the situation and are fully prepared to change our procedures if necessary,” said Justin Barber, of Best Buy.

They do know they can’t just say they are committed, right?

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[WHDH News]

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