RyanAir Thinking About Charging For Toilets

Ultra low-cost Irish carrier RyanAir is thinking about putting a coin slot on lavatory doors so passengers will have to pay when they empty their loose change from their coin slot.

Ryanair may charge for toilet use on planes [Yahoo News] (Thanks to Barbara!) (Photo: jon gos)


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  1. Jakuub says:

    I sincerely hope that the coin slot is on the door, otherwise there may be some issues with… nonpayment.

  2. friendlynerd says:

    I don’t see how this is legal. With pay toilets in public you can go find someplace else if you don’t want to pay. On an airplane, not so much.

  3. Darrone says:

    Um, this has got to be illegal. How are they going to stop you?

    What if i just look at the stewardess and go “It’s coming out. You can either let me in there or clean it up. Your call.”

  4. hi says:

    ryan air is a toilet

  5. sir_eccles says:

    In next weeks news:

    Man complains about flight that left without him while he was using the airport facilities.

  6. FuryOfFirestorm says:

    No wonder airlines made drinks free-they’ll pay for themselves with all the pissing going on!

    “The soda is free, but it’ll cost to pee!”

  7. Darien A Palmer says:

    He we go again.

    • MFfan310 says:

      @Darien A Palmer: I was just about to post that Alaska Airlines commercial.

      Still, I knew that this would be coming someday from Ryanair, the airline that will require mandatory web check-in soon… but knowing them, will they charge for soap and TP as well?

  8. David Eckert says:


    Thanks Wikipedia disambiguation!!!

  9. Blueskylaw says:

    Next they are going to install a Currency Exchange on the plane to convert my American quarters to Irish quarters.

    All for a small fee/expense/charge.

  10. Snarkysnake says:

    Retire the trophy. We’ve found it-The most disconnected ,shortsighted ,greedy idea of all time !

    If this is not an April Fools joke,I hope that this airline goes bust-soon.

    • bonzombiekitty says:

      @Snarkysnake: It’s not going to go bust any time soon. The cost of flying on the airline is so cheap, that people are willing to put up with anything.

      When you pay $25 for a flight, you should expect them to try and squeeze every cent they can from you. Fortunately, most of the flights are really short, so most of the time you can easily get by without needing extra frills.

      I don’t see how the bathroom thing is legal.

      • Snarkysnake says:


        Don’t know about you ,man,but after a bran muffin and couple of quarts of prune juice,a bathroom ain’t no FRILL.

        Comments about Snarkeysnake being full of shit,after the jump…

  11. coan_net says:

    I read this news story elsewhere, and my first thought:

    When the first passenger that does not have the money on them goes to the bathroom in the seat – they will quickly decide to not do this.

    • Sunflower1970 says:


      That was my thought. I can see people do this out of major protest.

      Long ago, there were pay public toilets. I remember seeing an episode of WKRP where a character (in a mascot outfit of a fish, I think) had to go to the bathroom, but didn’t any money to open the door, so he tries to scoot under a door in his outfit.

      Glad that pay toilets went away. It was a stupid idea to begin with.

    • Saboth says:


      Hmm, what is this charge on my credit card? “Waste disposal fee, $50???”

    • Jabberkaty says:

      @coan_net: Next set of fees will be for airplane seats that are “urine-free.”

      • dragonfire81 says:

        @Jabberkaty: See I was thinking what if I get sick on the flight and have to go puke my guts out but have no money to pay to get in to the toilet??

        When you are 30 000 feet above the earth in a flying tube, your options are EXTREMELY limited. You can’t go anyway where else to use a potty.

  12. hunter3742 says:

    The fark headline put it best: in happier news, free coffee and water, and soothing waterfall sounds over the PA system.

  13. edwardso says:

    This sounds like a disaster, since people traveling often seem to have no idea what’s going on. Last time I flew (around Christmas) there were still people who weren’t aware of the liquids in baggies rule or the fee for checking a bag

  14. Pasketti says:

    This is a blatantly sexist policy.

    Us guys can use a ziplock bag, or get a cup from the flight attendant. Or the trash. (Mental image for you: handing it back to the flight attendant when it’s full. You’re welcome.)

    But what options do the women have?

  15. spoondoggydog says:

    I hope they put a money changer someplace on the plane. If they do, might as well put in some slot machines and peek booths in there also beside the soda and sandwich machines.

  16. johnmc says:

    Oh for crying out loud people! Watch this: [tr.im] Watch O’Leary’s face carefully when he is asked to clarify at around 38 seconds in. He is barely able to keep from laughing in the interviewer’s face. It was a joke!

    • TracyHamandEggs says:

      @johnmc: Yeah. This strikes me as a snarky moment.

      …You want to complain about how bare bones we are? Wait till we make to pay to pee. We arent done yet.

  17. Chris Stone says:

    “You used the restroom. You have to pay us now.”

    “But going to the bathroom should always be free.”

    “You’re an idiot and a liar!! Fact is! You are so stupid you don’t even know!”

  18. Charlotte Rae's Web says:

    As long as they don’t mind when I drop trou and pee in the aisle.

  19. Liam Kinkaid says:

    Hmm. Yesterday was Johnny Cash’s birthday and RyanAir is thinking about resurrecting him. What would Reese Witherspoon say?

  20. Jon Mason says:

    Yeah, if not illegal then the kind of thing that should result in a quick piece of legislation. Its patently ridiculous to be able to charge people for basic human needs when you have them captive for a possibly indefinite amount of time…

  21. Fresh-Fest-1986 says:

    I believe that I could charge them for my pee. I’ve never had a complete scientific analysis of it but I think there are gold flecks in there.

    So if you see me peeing on a flight attendent dont think kinky, think dollar signs.

  22. kmw2 says:

    Just when you think RyanAir couldn’t get any shittier…

  23. Anonymous says:

    I don’t think any of Ryanair’s routes will leave you in the air for more than about 90 minutes and even a child should be able to hold on that long. The thing that used to piss me off the most when I used to commute between London Heathrow and Stuttgart in Germany was the fact that even though the flight was just over an hour, as soon as the seatbelt sign went off, there was a queue for the toilets. Do these people not think to go before they leave? As a frequent flier, I don’t remember the last time I went to the toilet on a short-haul flight…

  24. picardia says:

    This will end poorly.

  25. lonestarbl says:

    Sounds like another diarrhea disaster waiting to happen. Just imagine making a dash to the back of the plane and then realizing you don’t have any quarters, no pretty…

  26. RandomHookup says:

    There have to be some catchy lyrics from the musical “Urinetown” that would be appropos.

    Broadway fans, a little help?

  27. ElleDriver says:

    I flew RyanAir while flying return between London and Italy. It was THE most heinous airline I’ve ever experienced. No assigned seating – a panicked free-for-all rush for seats. The most meanest and scariest stewardesses ever. Non-reclining chairs with no table trays or barf-bags. Audio ads blasting at a deafening decibel for most of the flight. Randomly changed the luggage weight allowance on my flight back; told me I had to pay an extra $40 for my bag, even though I wasn’t carrying anything extra.

    I should have paid the extra $20 and flown KLM. (The Royal Dutch Airlines.)

  28. hi says:

    NASA says “No problem”.


  29. LuminousMuse says:

    I haven’t seen anyone mentioning this so far, so I will…in Europe it’s not uncommon that (and in Italy it’s almost all) public toilets are pay for use. Granted it’s because there is a restroom attendant that keeps things clean and well stocked and is there collecting as you go in, but it’s not like here. You also can’t just walk in somewhere and use their toilet without buying anything then walk right back out. While it’s like holding someone hostage to their bladder not offering free toilets on an airplane, it’s not that heinous. The passengers will know about it and can choose another airline or come prepared with change. Flame me if you feel compelled, but it just shows how ingrained the sense of entitlement is here in the U.S.

    • ElleDriver says:

      @LuminousMuse: True, there are many pay toilets in Europe, but the problem with your argument is that RyanAir flyers ARE paying customers. These are not random people walking off the street asking to use the loo. It’s like dining in a restaurant, and then being asked to pay extra to use their restrooms. It’s not an inflated sense of entitlement; it’s an example of a stupid cash grab by a cheap-ass airliner.

      • LuminousMuse says:

        @ElleDriver: So, I suppose I should have expanded, but I figured my comment was already quite long. If RyanAir is, as I believe someone mentioned, $20 cheaper for the same flight as another airline, then that money is stretched to the maximum over the things they don’t provide in comparison. If, in order for them to keep the same lower prices that they currently offer, they find they need to charge for bathroom use then customers have the right to pay $20 more elsewhere or accept that corporations are hit hard by this economy too and it’s not right to expect the company to take the full brunt of the loss. Would people rather see them raise prices across the board? It’s the same as those who rant about fat people using up more fuel than them on a flight so they should pay less for their plane ticket due to not using as much. (which I am not, but I do see some logic there) Why should all of the customers be dinged for services that only some customers use? And since it is Europe and most people there are used to the idea of pay toilets it’s not a completely out of thin air idea. Staying in the mindset that every company is out to cheat their customers is the quickest way to get stuck in cynical city and end up angrier than need be. It’s like finding out that for years you have been underpaying for something, and yet getting pissed when the company catches on and starts charging rather than going out of business completely. Sure, you now have to pay $0.50 more for your cheesy poofs, but at least you can still buy them, plus you need to remember the money you saved before when you were paying less, that hasn’t magically gone away, they won’t charge you $50 to make up for the lost revenue.

        Also, the reason I mentioned the entitlement is that there are tons of comments basically saying all toilets should be free. I would hazard a guess that many of these people would also complain if the toilet weren’t clean enough as well. A fully stocked and clean bathroom is not a cheap thing, it’s crazy to expect every creature comfort be provided at no additional cost to the consumer. Part of why it costs $7 in a restaurant for a salad you can make at home for under $1 is the cost of providing and maintaining the bathrooms. Seems to me that RyanAir is offering $5 salads when the industry average is $7.

        • ElleDriver says:

          @LuminousMuse: It was actually ME that posted the $20 difference between flying Ryan Air and KLM. (Thanks for paying attention!)

          I don’t know what you’re going on about, but please get back to me when you actually experience a RyanAir flight and then attempt to defend their stupid customer-gouging practices – which they have since back-tracked on. Silly non-sensical CEO!

    • jimconsumer says:

      @LuminousMuse: While I don’t disagree with the idea that many in the U.S. have a false sense of entitlement, I don’t think this is a valid example. It’s not a “sense of entitlement” to expect bathroom facilities be available to people regardless of their ability to pay.

  30. Subsound says:

    What happens if you have no cash? I usually don’t carry any…do you have to poo in the isle?

    • HogwartsAlum says:


      All you have to do is wait for someone to come out and then go in right after them before they shut the door.

      Just look pitiful and go, “I have no change!” with your legs crossed and a pleading look on your face.

  31. Enduro says:

    It’s legal to bring change on a plane?

  32. karmaghost says:

    There is a joke on the “radio” in the latest Grand Theft Auto IV expansion about this. It is pretty much exactly what you think it is; a jab at the increasing number of airline fees.

  33. jpdanzig says:

    What are these penny-pinching clowns going to do next? Pass a hat for maintenance on the plane?

    I tremble to think…

  34. Tuuurd_Ferguson says:

    Alex: You usually drink water from one of these.

    Mini Driver: A Toilet!

    Alex: That is awful.

    but, its going to be the cleanest part of THAT plane.

  35. Plates says:

    Not a good idea. That would add weight to the plane.

  36. JulesNoctambule says:

    There’s a lovely parody of the idea on B3ta: [b3ta.com]

  37. corinthos says:

    I’d wear depends and just make everyone around me deal with it before I’d pay to go to the restroom.

  38. Justinh6 says:

    See what RYAN air charges for flights, then you won’t mind paying for EVERY extra.

    Flights over in Ireland and Europe are VERY CHEAP compared to the United States.

    Less than half what you would expect to pay in most cases.

  39. karvelot says:

    No they will just add it into your ticket cost as a toiletries fee. Just like they have done with everything else.

  40. The_IT_Crone says:

    Um, what about people with medical conditions that require the frequent use of bathrooms?