Gray Lady To Wall Street Failures: Why Not Become A Clown?!

Hey, Wall Street failures, have you considered an exciting new career as a document shredder? How about working as a butler? Ok, ok. Would you work as a clown? Seriously! According to the Times, it’s a perfectly valid “career option” for washed up investment bankers. “Even sad clowns are a hoot at a birthday party.” And the Times is full of other helpful suggestions…

Lead walking tours amid the ruins of your past life. Who better to show people around the financial district than someone who has worked – who has bled – on the very spot?

Maybe, said Seth Kamil, founder of Big Onion Walking Tours. But Big Onion tour guides must have advanced degrees in history.

“We’ve actually gotten a couple of résumés from no-longer-employed Wall Streeters,” Mr. Kamil said. “I’ve been kind of graciously trying to say, ‘Working on the street just doesn’t do it.’ “

The Times is pretty good at this stuff. Maybe the ailing paper can publish an equally useful list of alternative media careers when they announce the next round of layoffs?

Career Options for Ex-Wall Street Workers [The New York Times]
(Photo: Mel B.)

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