Don't Hack Into The Taco Bell Drive Thru And Yell Obscenities At Customers

Sure, we have to admit that it’s kind of funny, but our official position is that you should not use your immense technological skills to modify a radio to broadcast on the Taco Bell drive thru‘s frequency. Sadly, we did not get this important message out to two teenagers in Sedalia, Mo.

The Sedalia Democrat says that the pranksters (who were caught, by the way) “used a scanner to find the drive-through frequency, then tuned into the frequency using a modified radio.”

“They were just saying vulgar things to (customers),” said Sgt. Matt Wirt, a detective.

Bad. Apparently, despite the availability of how-to videos on the internet, this particular prank is becoming less popular due to vast improvements in headset technology. Still, Taco Bell is not amused.

“This may seem like a harmless prank, but it’s both illegal and inappropriate. Our franchisee has been speaking with his customers who have been very supportive and understand that he had nothing to do with this,” A Taco Bell spokesperson told the paper. “Our franchisee is continuing to cooperate with authorities in their investigation and is hopeful the pranksters will be caught.”

2 teens admit to Taco Bell prank [Sedalia Democrat]
(Photo:Morton Fox)

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