Direct Express Auto Transport Responds To Bad Reviews By Posting Reviewers' Personal Information Online

We write often about companies’ sleazy approaches to online reviews. Some companies bribe users for positive feedback. Others sue over negative reviews. Direct Express Auto Transport, however, is the first company we’ve seen that responds to bad reviews by sharing users’ personal information.

On an auto transporters review site, Direct Express Auto Transport took to the threads to answer negative reviews, providing the customer’s full name (even when the person used an alias in the forum), the car he wanted to ship, and where it was going, topped off with sarcasm and rudeness. Here’s one example:

Customer Nithin Johnson, who calls himself Nate, wanted to ship his Audi A4 1.8T Quattro Sedan from Hop Bottom, Pennsylvania to New Albany, Ohio. Ever hear of Hop Bottom? There is a reason for that – it is in the middle of nowhere in upstate PA.

It even seems they’re sharing the personal information on purpose. Responding to a review by “april,” (no other info provided) which complains of the company’s “bullsh#t service,” the company writes:

Her choice of words in which to express herself should tell you plenty, which fortunately is now captured on the internet with her full name and town.

For a company that posts a picture of its (all young female) customer service staff on its front page, we would hope they’d be a little better at it.

(Photo: the idealist)Thanks, Ed!

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