Trouble Saving Money? Harness Robots!

Sometimes when people have trouble saving at least 10% of their income on a regular basis, it’s because it hurts too much. After you pay the bills, set aside money for groceries, booze and guns, it seems you don’t have enough left over to save with. So, what you can do is exploit “out of sight, out of mind,”

and set up a system that automatically saves for you. For instance, you can set up a recurring transfer that deducts at least 10% of your paycheck on payday to a high-interest online savings account. If you have direct deposit, you can ask your employer to split your pay, putting at least 10% in your account dedicated to savings and the rest in your regular account.

You’ll likely find you don’t miss the money you’re saving, and you still have enough cash left over for your synchronized cat-tossing tournament entrance fees.

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