Dell Has Separation Anxiety Over Scanner, Can't Bring Itself To Ship It

Sean can’t get Dell to ship the scanner he ordered on January 20th. They keep canceling it at the last minute, then promising to ship it the next week. They really like your scanner, Sean. Can’t you just leave them alone and let them have their forbidden love?

Sean writes:

On Jan 20th I ordered the Nikon Super Coolscan 5000 ED USB 2.0 Desktop Film Scanner over the telephone and was told that the scanner was in stock and that it would be shipped the next day.

Then on Jan 21st I was e-mailed that the scanner was delayed and would not be shipped until 2/9/09. I called Dell customer support and I was told that this was the absolute latest date and that it should be shipped earlier than that.

Then on Feb 9th I was e-mailed that the scanner was delayed again and it would not be shipped until 2/16/09. I called Dell customer support on Feb 13th to confirm that the scanner indeed was being shipped on Monday (2/16/09) The rep told me that it was going to be shipped.

Now, I just received another e-mail today telling be that the order was delayed again and that it would not be shipped until 2/23/09.

What is the problem? Why are agents telling me that it was in stock when it obviously was not? I have been a Dell customer for almost 20 years now (I am 31 years old). I am e-mailing you from my Dell computer with dual Dell monitors. This is my 5th generation Dell computer. My Dell laptop is right next to me.

I really need the scanner that I ordered.

Sean would like Dell to foot the bill for overnight shipping since they’ve provided such poor service for nearly a month now. But since now their website says it’s out of stock, we think it’s time he considers spending his Dell dollars elsewhere.

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