Dairy Queen's Recession Friendly Sweet Deal Menu Costs More

Starting next month, you might see TV spots advertising Dairy Queen‘s new “Sweet Deal” menu, which is supposed to be a value-priced alternative to their regular menu. They’re already rolling it out, and at least one item on the menu will actually cost you about 8% more than it used to.

Here’s what AJ found yesterday:

Forsyth, GA has very few places to eat. When I don’t bring my lunch, I end up having to eat at the same places over and over again, and many of them are fast food. So, typically, I tried to find something that I can at least pretend is a bit healthier, like grilled chicken wraps.

Yesterday, I went by Dairy Queen and ordered two grilled chicken wraps. The chicken wraps are $1.39. However, they also happen to be on Dairy Queen’s “Sweet Deal” menu, a promotion which I was unaware of. (I hadn’t really looked at the promotional poster. I knew exactly what I wanted.)

With the Sweet Deal, you get any two items for $3.00. So, of course, Dairy Queen charged me $3.00 for two $1.39 chicken wraps. I didn’t even notice until they handed me the receipt and I had driven off.

(Photo: KellyK)

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