Personal Finance Roundup

Be Mine, Valentine — I Gave to Charity [Smart Money] “[Here are five] Valentine’s Day gifts that give back.”
Using Twitter to Save Money: Ten People I’ve Found Worth Following for Savings [The Simple Dollar] “I’ve followed quite a few Twitterers who are trying [to save money] and I’ve found ten well worth sticking with.”
6 ways to trim life insurance costs [Bankrate] “Rather than cutting your coverage, consider these cost-saving moves instead.”
Some great sources for free audiobooks [Mighty Bargain Hunter] “Here are a few sources for free audiobooks worth checking out.”
Is It Tax Deductible [Kiplinger] “Ten questions to see if you can tell what write-offs are legit and which ones won’t pass muster with the tax man.”

FREE MONEY FINANCE (Photo: thekateblack)


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  1. stanner says:

    What’s up with that quarter? Are those supposed to be ear rings? Is that Barbara Bush?

    • zentex says:

      @stanner: “Buboes. Buboes are the bulbous growths that expanded from the lymph nodes of victims of bubonic plague. I’ve recently started adding them to my coins. Relief sculpture on quarter dollar coin.”

      that’s what it says on Flickr.

      I dunno if I’d call it a sculpture or even art…but whatever.

  2. CarpForAll says:

    I went to the Bankrate site you linked to to get a quote on term life insurance. After filling out all the info, it did NOT give me any quotes. Just links to places where I would have to fill out all my info again. The top 3 results stated the agent would contact me. And it said it would pull my credit score and reports.

    I just wanted a rough quote. I did not want to be subject to phone calls or spam, nor have my credit score lowered from an inquiry.

    Not happy about this :(

    • morgasco says:

      @CarpForAll: Just be sure if you find a quote you like you do your research on their financial info and also check to see if your state has a guaranty association to back insurance companies who become insolvent. Here in MN it is the Minnesota Life and Health Insurance Guaranty Association, and I believe they’ll back policies up to $300,000 when it comes to life insurance for example.

  3. CarpForAll says:

    See my above post. My cell phone has gotten 6 calls in the last 3 minutes.

    • Fresh-Fest-1986 says:

      @CarpForAll: Don’t forget to send a letter to the Attorney General’s office about the Consumerist as well as the top executives at the Consumerist offices. After this does not work send a long letter to the Consumerist stating your problems and attempts at fixing them with the Consumerist. Perhaps someone from the Consumerist will respond the in the comments sections or twitter you from the Consumerist.

      Remember when trying to fight entities such as the Consumerist sometimes site like the Consumerist are your best hope.

  4. morgasco says:

    Why isn’t tax cat delivering the tax information :(

  5. Feminist Whore says:

    @morgasco: He probably had to go get a job at H&R Block for tax season. Makes sense in the rocky economy to be earning a little extra cash.

    • morgasco says:

      @♥♥♥♥♥: Last year I lol’d at H&R putting little cubes inside of Wal-Mart, then felt bad at the same time for that poor guy inside the cube who spent 4 years and countless dollars for schooling to, in a sense, work at Wal-Mart doing taxes for people who brought their receipts packed in empty bud light cases..