Need work? The New Museum in New York is looking to pay $10 per hour to women aged 18-40 who are willing to spend six hours sleeping as part of an exhibit. [WDSU]


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  1. meechybee says:

  2. bohemian says:

    How about no? Wouldn’t that be a horrible way to find out you have some really obnoxious or embarrassing sleeping habit you didn’t know about.

    • alexawesome says:

      @bohemian: but an awesome way to live economically in NYC. Get an apartment, share it with a roommate. Work night shifts. Sleep during the day and get paid to be part of an exhibit. ECONOMICAL. I say that much in the same way people used to say “Diabolical!”

  3. Nidabriz says:

    That sounds like the perfect job!
    If only NY weren’t 4.5 hrs away…that’s a long drive to go to sleep.

    • Hyman Decent says:

      @Nidabriz: Make it an overnight trip to NYC and you’ll save on the cost of a hotel room. Er, I guess they want you to sleep during the hours the museum is open. In that case, you can party the night (before) away or something.

  4. ElizabethD says:

    Wow — get paid to sleep? Sign me up.

    Oops. I’m too old. I’ll just have to keep on sleeping for free.

  5. Katxyz says:

    What if you get there and can’t sleep?

  6. Dansc29625 says:

    I call Gender Discrimination!

  7. Jason Gooljar says:

    With the way the banks, stock jobbers and neo-Friedmanism/Voodoo economics have left our economy you’ll see people sadly scrambling for these gigs.

  8. GirlCat says:

    Is the bed area sound proof, I wonder? And somewhat dark? Can I bring my cat? Because I can totally sleep with hipsters and tourists staring at me. Will they verify your age? And let me just say I am *happily* scrambling for this gig.

  9. geekgrrl77 says:

    Sorry but I have to ask. What if you have to, um, pee? Can you get up during the six hours and stumble to a bathroom?

  10. Meathamper says:

    Sleeping? Sounds like my perfect job!

    Also, here’s something for y’all. Back in 2001, NASA was paying $11 an hour to sleep upright as part of an experiment to see if people were any different sleeping in a different position in space.

  11. ajlei says:

    I used to sleep through my boyfriend’s rock band’s practices, so I bet I could sleep through anything. Unfortunately, NY is about three time zones too far… :(

  12. mythago says:

    Holy crud. Six hours of sleep guaranteed? And they’re paying ME?! I hope this is a traveling exhibit that comes to San Francisco real soon.

  13. calquist says:

    Do I have permission to punch any kids who tap on the glass?

  14. Rene Murillo says:

    Over here [] they say you get to take a sleeping pill.