After Decades Of Free Admission, Tourists May Need To Pay To Visit NYC’s Met Museum

In New York City, there are a few differences between locals and tourists: Locals tend to walk faster, avoid Times Square like the plague, and have no qualms about eating street meat from roving carts. There could soon be another divide between the two groups, as the city’s Metropolitan Museum of Art may start charging admission to nonresidents. [More]


Smithsonian Museums Ban Use Of Selfie Sticks, Still Encourage Selfies

When documenting a trip to the nation’s capital, tourists might enjoy having a few photographs of themselves against the backdrops of the memorials and monuments that fill the city. But if you were thinking of using a selfie stick to get just the right angle while posing in front of the Hope Diamond at the Natural History Museum, you might want to think again.  [More]

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N.Y. Museum Announces Creation Of World Video Game Hall Of Fame

Why should traditional toys have all the accolades? Not content to keep all the honors for toy soldiers and board games, the upstate New York museum that runs the National Toy Hall of Fame is adding a new attraction to its rolls with a new World Video Game Hall of Fame. [More]

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Some Museums Banning Selfie Sticks Because “Duck Face” Is Not Art

We know, we know: Your social media followers insist — nay! demand! — that you chronicle every single thing you do in your life. But displaying your best duck face in a selfie will be a bit trickier at some museums soon, as various cultural institutions nationwide are putting a ban on selfie sticks. [More]


Factory Where Rosie The Riveter Worked Still Exists, Might Become A Museum

The World War II propaganda icon Rosie the Riveter was based on a real woman, Rose Will Monroe, who appeared in a government film about female factory workers. She worked at the Willow Run Bomber Plant in Michigan. After the war, the riveters returned to pink-collar jobs and to homemaking, and the Willow Run plant returned to making Ford vehicles until 2010. Now it’s about to be demolished…unless supporters can raise another $3.5 million to save part of the building and move an existing aviation museum there. [Associated Press] [More]


The Financial Powers That Be Shut Down Credit Card Use At Vatican City Sites

Vatican City had a bit of an embarrassing situation on its hands come New Year’s Day, when tourists and pilgrims waited in long lines to see holy sites only to find out all electronic purchases had been suspended. That means no credit cards anywhere in the city state.  [More]

Museum That Lets Visitors Handle Gold Directly Has Gold Stolen

Museum That Lets Visitors Handle Gold Directly Has Gold Stolen

A 74-ounce gold bar that was salvaged from the ocean floor in 1980 was stolen from the Mel Fisher museum last week. It’s valued at $550,000, and it was kept on display in a special case that let visitors stick their hands in to lift it. Supposedly the case was designed to prevent any removal of the bar, but somehow a guy managed to pull it out and put it in his pants pocket before walking out. The insurance company is offering a $10,000 reward for its return. [More]

"You Break It, You Bought It" Rule Does Not Apply To Museums

"You Break It, You Bought It" Rule Does Not Apply To Museums

Good news for the clumsy, if you stagger into a rare Picasso painting and rip a 6″ hole in it — you will not be charged for the painting. On Friday a woman fell into just such a painting while taking a class at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC. [More]

Move Over Museum Curators, Bank Of America Wants Your Job

Move Over Museum Curators, Bank Of America Wants Your Job

Cash-strapped art museums across the country are turning to an unlikely source for new exhibitions: Banks. According to a story in the New York Times, Bank of America, Chase, and a number of other global entities have put together traveling art exhibits and are offering them to museums across the country.


Pez Candy is suing the Pez musuem in Burlingame, CA for copyright infringement. The museum has a 7-foot-tall Pez dispenser that they want destroyed. Maybe Pez should make a new candy flavor called “Copyright Overkill” that tastes like all the joy has been removed. [Laughing Squid] (Thanks to sizer!) (Photo: Hryck.)


Need work? The New Museum in New York is looking to pay $10 per hour to women aged 18-40 who are willing to spend six hours sleeping as part of an exhibit. [WDSU]