Verizon Isn't Really Sure How Much Their DSL Service Costs

Brian begged and pleaded but Verizon simply wouldn’t tell him how much his DSL would cost after taxes and fees, unless he signed a one-year contract. The customer service representatives staffing Verizon’s operation centers claimed that it was too difficult to figure out all that math nonsense for every jurisdiction. When Brian pushed and insisted that surely they had to know how much their service cost, he was told that “there wasn’t anyone in Verizon that knew the answer.”

Brian writes:

Hello, I’d like to describe a recent experience with Verizon to you.

I was looking into purchasing Verizon Direct DSL (this is their service that does not require a phone line). The price with a one year contract is listed as $29.99/month (Excluding taxes and governmental surcharges, if any).

I called the number listed on the Verizon web site to ask what the final price would be *after* the taxes and surcharges. The representative I spoke with said she did not have access to that information, because she could only activate new subscriptions. She gave me a different number to call, which she said was Verizon’s operations center, and she said they would know the answer.

However, the woman I spoke with there did not know any more details. She explained that they take orders from lots of different states, and they don’t know what the taxes are in each area. I asked who I could speak to that could help me with my question, and she said that there wasn’t anyone in Verizon that knew the answer. I said that this obviously couldn’t be the case, because Verizon generates thousands upon thousands of bills each month, so there has to be a way to know what taxes are applied in specific areas. The representative then reiterated that nobody could provide the information, and suggested I contact my county government for local tax information.

Next I used Verizon’s online form to explain my request, with the hopes that someone who did not know the answer may be able to forward it up the chain to someone who does. In the past two weeks I have sent 3 requests this way, and have not received a response or even an acknowledgment of my question.

I find it to be astounding that Verizon cannot give me a specific quote on how much their service will cost each month. Yet, at the same time, they expect customers to agree to a one year contract.

Verizon doesn’t want to talk to because the advertised rate and the true rate never match up. That doesn’t mean you can’t ask around. According to Broadband Reports, the average cost of Verizon’s DSL service is $36.

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