Orbitz: Act Fast, This Promotion Expired Four Days Ago!

Orbitz sent out an “email exclusive” advertising 20% off select hotel rooms, which might have been a decent deal if hadn’t expired four days before the email was sent.

Tipster Melinda writes:

I’m not sure if a swath of people were sent this expired offer today, but I found it pretty irritating. The e-mail offers a discount code for 20% off hotels. Since I’m planning a trip, I tried to use it and found that it had expired…four days ago. WTF? I should have read the offer details, but who expects to be sent an e-mail on Jan 22 with an offer that expired Jan 18?

Thankfully Orbitz was quick to apologize and extend the promotion. Following the link in the email brings you to a page that now reads:

Sorry for sending you an expired promotion code! Please use promo code EMHOTEL20 to redeem 20% off your next hotel purchase.”

Assuming it hasn’t already expired, the new deal is expected to run through January 28.

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