Behold, Another Investigation Concludes That Circuit City's Liquidation Sale Is Awful

Hey, we’re sorry if you’re getting sick of hearing about how Circuit City’s liquidation sale isn’t a good deal, but it’s our duty to inform you that yet another local news investigation has determined that CC’s sales are crappy. In this case, they found every single item they shopped for, from DVDs to big screen TVs, cheaper on-line — and took a look at a laptop that is now being sold at a sale price that is more than before the store was taken over by liquidators. Let’s listen in:

CC customer: “I walked out of the store and I thought… this is crazy!”

Action News: Because this laptop computer made by Sony was $799.99 on January 12, before Circuit City’s Liquidation. The consumer says it was not on sale, but now during the liquidation, the laptop is being sold for $37 more.

The report showed the woman’s receipt and the new sale price of the laptop.

We dug up a cached copy of Circuit City’s website, and it shows that the laptop was being offered for $799.99, but that it had a MSRP of $929.99, which is the price that the liquidator is discounting from.

The same laptop is being offered by Newegg for slightly more than the liquidation sale, but the best sale price we could find was still Circuit City’s before they were being liquidated.

You can see the report here.

Liquidations offer bogus bargains? [Action News 6] (Thanks, Brian!)

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