Understanding Circuit City's "End Of Days" Return Policy

Returning something to Circuit City? All sales are final during the liquidation, but if you bought it between January 1st and the 16th, you have a 14-day return window. However, if you bought it before January 1st, the original 30-day policy still applies. Your cashier might not know this, though, and try to deny the return. That’s what happened to Jason today when he tried to return a hard drive.

Please remind people to check the refund policies during liquidation! If i didn’t insist that the customer service rep try it through her terminal my return would have never happened.

Whatever 30 day return policies that applied before the 16th has now been reduced to 14 days starting this past weekend. I bought a hard drive on [December] 21st that was the wrong item. After hearing of the immediate liquidation, today I went in to process the return and the worker insisted that the 14 day return window applied to all purchases made BEFORE the weekend, when in reality it only limits those purchases made between Jan 1 and Jan 16 (due to the fact that the 30 day return window on the pre-liquidation purchase would take it past the next 14 days) Totally confusing, but luckily the checkout computer accepted the return.

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