Everyone Wave Goodbye To Outgoing FCC Chief Kevin Martin

FCC Chairman Kevin Martin is calling it quits as of inauguration day. The Chairman, who could have served for three more years, is heading to the Aspen Institute, a preserve for endangered spectacles masquerading as a “nonprofit leadership group.” Martin’s tenure was a mixed bag for consumers…

…marked by both surprising stands and devastating proposals that managed to anger pretty much all of Washington.

The Good

The Bad

Martin explains that all of his decisions were guided by a belief that “a robust, competitive marketplace, not regulation, is ultimately the best protector of the public interest and the best method of delivering the benefits of choice, innovation, and affordability to American consumers.”

Whether Americans will get to ever enjoy that robust, competitive marketplace remains to be seen. We hear Barack Obama plans to replace the Spectacles of Hope with an Orange Julius, one that will hopefully appreciate the government’s continuing responsibility to safeguard the marketplace.

FCC Chairman Martin to Step Down Next Week [The Washington Post]