Comcast Installs Cable In Your Gutter, Across Your Driveway

For more than a year, says the Baltimore Sun, there were Comcast cables laying in the gutters, and across the driveways of a neighborhood in Hanover, MD. Why were they laying there? Because that’s where Comcast installed them.

Instead of being routed underground between two pedestals that house cables, the wires were strung along the gutters next to the sidewalk, crossing two driveways on the 2600 block of Fairbourne Court. Cables from the pedestals spilled out onto the grass as well.

“I just came home from work one day, and that’s how it was,” [homeowner, Nicky] Frantz said.

“It’s not a huge defect, but we like to keep our area looking nice,” she said. “We figured they’ve got to come back and fix it eventually, and they never did.”

Ms. Franz tried showing the cables to some techs who came to repair her family’s service over the summer. They didn’t fix it. She also tried contacting Comcast’s Twitter team — they at least called her back — but didn’t fix the problem. Finally, it took a call from the Baltimore Sun before any Comcast trucks showed up.

Comcast’s spokesperson told the paper that cable is sometimes installed that way temporarily, and apologized for the delay.

Comcast cables installed in gutter
[Baltimore Sun]
(Baltimore Sun photo by Chiaki Kawajiri)

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