Dear President-Elect Obama, The FDA Is Mismanaged. Sincerely, The FDA

A letter to President-Elect Obama from nine FDA scientists makes alarming charges of mismanagement at the FDA, alleging incompetence, intimidation, and inappropriate industry influence.

According to the letter:

  • Scientists and doctors have been threatened and told, on occasion, to ignore FDA regulations.
  • Devices have not been properly labeled.
  • Managers without appropriate experience have been given authority to make final decisions about device regulation and have done so while ignoring serious safety and effectiveness concerns.
  • FDA experts have been excluded from product meetings because manufacturers felt that they were “biased.”
  • Manufacturers have been allowed to market their products without FDA approval.

For some reason, we weren’t given a copy of this letter, but an apparently similar letter from concerned FDA employees to Congress last fall is available here (PDF).

FDA Scientists Allege Mismanagement at Agency [CNN, via Public Citizen]
(Photo: Scott M)

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