Identical Fake Testimonial Diet Sites Spreading Like Herpes

On Monday, Meg alerted you to a BBB warning about Acai sellers doing scammy things to consumers. Now Donna has tipped us off to a slew of identical websites that have sprouted up online, featuring Everyday Women Like You And Me with names like Jenny, Sarah, Nancy, and Amy, and who all look like the same blonde model. They’ve all lost pounds, too! How? With “My 2 Step Formula,” that’s how!

The testimonial changes from site to site, but the stock design and marketing copy is the same. We guess lazy marketing isn’t illegal, but nowhere on these pages does it say that these women are fictional.

You know that friend or relative you have who’s not as skeptical as you are? The one who starts to believe in a fad if s/he reads enough unsourced claims of praise, or sees “as seen on Oprah” somewhere on the screen? Send them this post. And maybe point them to this page, too. (naomi’s diet blog)

Even more: google search results

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