Target's Pharmacy Will Not Answer Questions One Minute After Closing?

If you’re picking up your prescriptions close to closing time at Target’s pharmacy, you might want to make sure you don’t have any questions after closing time. Reader Kathy says she realized that she had a question about her son’s prescription immediately after picking up the prescription, but when she turned around to ask it — she was too late.

Kathy says:

I was picking up prescriptions for my 11 year-old son (who had pneumonia) at the Target pharmacy and was given the bag, asked if I had any questions for the pharmacist, I said “no” then paid and turned to leave (it was approximately 9 p.m.).

I looked in the bag before leaving—I was about 5 steps from the pharmacy counter, and I realized I had better ask a question about the odd looking box inside I had never seen before. Since the last time I had given my son nebulizer treatments at home, the medication had changed.

So, I turn and tell the female Target pharmacy employee that I DO in fact have a question about my prescriptions and I noticed the “iron curtain” had been pulled down behind her indicating the closure of the pharmacy. They must have pulled that down fast as I turned to ask the question in mere seconds after leaving the counter. The female then told me to “come back tomorrow at 9 a.m. We are closed.”

I didn’t pay her any mind and proceeded to take the medication out of the sack and proceed with my questions hoping she could answer them. She told me that she didn’t know the answer and repeated to me, “come back or call tomorrow at 9 a.m. I told her that I couldn’t do that as I was heading home to give my son the medication immediately and I couldn’t do that if I wasn’t sure what or how to give it. Well, she didn’t budge or even offer to get the pharmacist from behind the iron curtain. I was pretty much denied access to the pharmacist because it was something like 9:01 p.m.—after official closing time.

Kathy says she complained to the Minnesota Pharmacy Board (they were apparently horrified) and to Target itself. Target’s response was to remind her of the closing time of the pharmacy.

It seems like Kathy has the situation well in hand, complaint wise, but she might consider letting Target’s CEO know about the incident.

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