News Flash: "Shoe Bomb" Jokes Are Not Appropriate Airplane Banter

Ah yes, alcohol and planes mix together once again — resulting in three days of jail for one St. Louis man who thinks “shoe bombs” are funny.

He was flying to Maryland to get married and had apparently had a few beverages before boarding his flight. When a flight attendant asked him to close his laptop — he asked her, “Are you the one who checks for shoe bombs?” This was a mistake.

Within minutes, federal agents removed him from the plane. He spent much of his time in the St. Louis County jail in solitary confinement.

When he was reunited with the regular prisoners he claims to have received a standing ovation. He’s been charged with making a false bomb report and still intends to get married in Maryland.

Shoe Bomb Joke on Plane Lands Missouri Groom-to-Be in Jail [Fox News]
(Photo: Jeremy Brooks )

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