Why Can't I Use Staples Gift Cards On Staples.com?

It’s a simple question, and a little shocking that we have to ask it. I mean, it’s not like Staples specializes in technology or anything. Our tipster was shocked himself when he discovered this curious fact. His full story, inside.

I was shocked to learn yesterday that Staples gift cards can’t be used online or over the phone – only in-store!

I did a bit of searching on the Internet, and it’s obvious that this is an old problem. People have been pointing this out to Staples for years, and they’ve remained blissfully unaware. Or unwilling to do anything about it.

When I called the number on the back of the gift card (888-609-6963) they acknowledged it was true, gave me a virtual shrug, and suggested I call the Customer Relations department. When I called the Customer Relations department this morning (800-338-0252), the gentleman I spoke to made it sound like this was something of a rare request. He agreed it was true, but suggested that not many people call with that complaint.

I said it was just so strange that Staples, a company that sells technology, hadn’t figured out how to do something that Gap and Home Depot had no problem doing.

So, I’m hoping you can help publicize this issue, and get more consumers to call Staples asking for this (in my opinion, obvious) feature for their gift cards. I would be very surprised if this was really a rare complaint.

Picture:[Jason Gulledge]

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