How Much Change Can You Find On The Ground? Over $1,000

Do you stop and pick up change that you find on the ground? No? Well, if you did — how much money do you think you could collect? Marketplace Money talked to some people who make change hunting a hobby — and they say every penny is worth stopping for.

From Marketplace:

Herships: What is your grand total so far?

Brianna Humphrey:
I know!

Daughter No. 1, Brianna.

Brianna Humphrey: It’s at $1,013 and something cents. I can’t remember the change.

Just to be clear this is money they’ve found — on the ground. It’s sort of a hobby. They take a lot of long walks.

Barbara Humphrey (Mom): We’re all looking around. You know, we have our glasses; we have our Purell bottles; we have our little change purses.

The family has a blog called ChangePot, where Barbara keeps a running tally of their findings.

Barbara Humphrey: ‘Cause I figured it would be a nice way at the end of the day, kind of like a Doogie Howser thing. You know, at the end of the day how he’d write down things. We basically keep track of it that way.

Marketplace also talked to a guy named Scott who has collected $268.11 in St. Louis.

Do any of you collect change that you find on the street? Is it worth it?

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(Photo: theglasspeople )

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