Call Centers: Teleperformance USA Is A Cancer

“Thank you for holding, your call will be answered in the order it was received by an incompetent drug-addict whose training consisted of watching funny stuff on YouTube.” That’s the substance of this insider confession from a former trainer at Teleperformance USA, one of those outsourced call centers that turns your customer service call into the modern-day version of The Trial. Hear about the restroom sex, drugs sold on-site, and employees getting away with writing down and running off with customer’s credit card numbers, inside…

1. Drugs are sold almost openly in the Fishers call-center. The keyword is ‘almost’ because the management that is aware of it wants to maintain a plausible deniability.

2. There have been multiple instance where agents have had sex in the restrooms.

3. Fortunately, our call-center was by the Fishers PD. Unfortunately, the officers pretty much knew all management by name.

4. Teleperformance is a giant cesspool for credit card fraud. Especially within the Sprint project. When it is caught, we are supposed to inform Sprint and the customer. That never happens. I was involved in catching an agent who committed credit card fraud. In ended up in a chase as the agent made a run for it to her car, the we filed a report with the Police, fire the agent and that was that. Even after we got the agent to admit they had written down a ton of CCN’s and stashed them in their car.

5. The Fisher center HR manager is racist. I’m white and I’m not afraid to say she is racist. She parked her car in the front visitor lobby close to the door so she could get there as soon as possible because as she stated she “didn’t want these hoodrats to mug me”.

6. Major conflicts of interest. There are assistant call-center managers dating each other, therefore no matter whether one of them is wrong or not, they always have each other’s back. The Call-Center Director fires employees who file complaints on other agents that are valid. Yet, when someone makes an outrageous claim with no solid proof, the person who had a complaint on them would be fired within minutes.

7. Agents, Trainers and Supervisors were hardly paid their overtime and commission-based-pay. For example, trainers were going to make a $1,400 commission for training and meeting metrics (Well those who did their jobs and actually trained). Teleperformance changed their metrics the day before the checks were going to be mailed to us and considered our commission invalid. is a good example of what we had to do.

8. Like in the Convergys post, “training” consisted mainly of of web-surfing and breaks…long breaks. A few months after I became trainer, I was more or less the Assistant Training Manager, meaning that my manager took vacations every other week and managed to have important personal matters on days during important teleconferences leaving me to take all the heat and backlash. On those days, if I didn’t have a new-hire class to train, I would walk around and check in on classes, where I saw trainers sitting on YouTube showing everyone stupid stuff.

9. Because Trainers and Supervisors surfed, agents would as well. Yet it was a double standard. Agents though would e-mail their friends or themselves customer information. Surfing and Texting was supposed to be a warning then termination, but it never happened, because the agents who did that stuff were personal friends with the supervisors or other management.

10. Around I believe March of this year, HR decided to spend two full days running background checks. Within those two days, the call center became barren. Agents and supervisors were fired en-masse. They also called Fishers PD to pick them up and escort them off the premises.

11. Military Leave was a battle with the HR Manager. It got to a point once where I over heard a Colonel on the phone raising hell and had to re-educate her on Federal Law. That didn’t deter her though in other Military based LOA’s.

12. Agents who used their paid-time-off were called and forced to come in on one of their days off to make up for “Lost Hours.” That started to disappear once I called my lawyer buddy and he gave me a run-down on some laws that I could shove on them.

13. The police was there daily. I worked there for four years and just before I resigned was when the police started making daily rounds in our parking lot.

There is so many things I could say about that place, but it would take days. I was one of the few “Veterans” of that center. There were six of us that remained that were there since the center opened and somehow none of us managed to make it to upper management. We all worked very hard and honestly. I still have some friends that work there and they still ask me for help with stuff. I find it disappointing that agents can’t rely on the still-employed supervisors and management staff, and have to call and e-mail former trainers who actually helped.

Teleperformance is a cancer.

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