AirTran Removes Muslim Family From Flight, Refuses To Reseat After FBI Clears Them

AirTran removed a Muslim family and their friend from their flight, had them questioned by the FBI, and then refused to re-seat or rebook them after they were cleared by the FBI.

Atif Irfan says he and his family had been discussing the safest place to sit on an airplane, without using the words “bomb” or “explosion,” as they took their seats. Another passenger assumed this meant they were going to blow up the plane, so she alerted a flight attendant, who removed Irfan’s family, and their friend, who was coincidentally on the same flight, for FBi interrogation.

After the FBI realized that there was no threat, they asked AirTrain to let them reboard, but AirTran refused, instead choosing to refund their money and make them find a new flight. Irfan says his family deserves an apology.

“Safest” Seat Remarks Get Muslim Family Kicked Off Plane [CNN]
(Photo: zonaphoto) Thanks, Bryan!

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