Financial Resolutions for 2009

It’s that time of year again. m The Earth has moved ’round the sun once again, and for a month everyone will screw up when writing the date. What are your 2009 Financial Resolutions?

Personally: I’d like to eliminate my stagnant Credit Card debt. As an eager new adult some years ago, I was quick to test my independence by signing up for two credit cards, combined giving me a merciful 700 dollars to play with. of course, that 700 dollars was quickly spent, and just as I didn’t have the money to simply buy 700 dollars worth of things before, I did not have the money to simply pay it back. And with school, insurance, food, cell phone, etc etc, every dollar counted. so for a few years, I’ve been on a terrible cycle of ‘make a thirty dollar payment on one card, use it for thirty dollars sometime in the next week”. My Goal is creating a basic system where I can pay off my debt entirely, despite holding on to every dollar like it is my last… which, in all cases, it might be. I’m eager to hearing yours in the comments!

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