DirecTV Installer Tips Himself By Stealing Your Roll Of Quarters And Gun

Reader Angel writes that a DirecTV installer in Oklahoma added a cable to her house, and subtracted $10 in quarters and a nine millimeter.

Angel writes:

I have had Directv for almost 9 years and never had a problem with either Directv or their contracted installers until September 20, 2008.

The installer worked for JP&D satellite installers out of Houston, Texas. I left the man alone in my bedroom while he was working on putting an additional cable in and discovered after he left that he had stolen $10 (a roll of quarters) that was on top of my dresser and also my P-11, 9mm hand gun out of the top drawer in the same dresser.

I reported the gun as stolen to the local sheriffs dept. and also notified Directv. It was like pulling teeth to get the name of the company and then where it was located from customer service of the JP&D company. After being told by both Directv and JP&D that they would see what they could do and return my call
I finally found out that there was nothing that either could or wanted to do. The man was questioned by the Oklahoma City office that he worked out of and he said “I don’t know nuth’en about no $10 or gun.” Did they expect him to say, “my bad, I’m sorry” ?

The woman I talked to in Houston did not even know if the installers were bonded or not. She said “that’s a good question” and that was that.

I am a 65 year old woman living alone in the boonies and I need my gun. I can’t afford another gun since I live on SS disability and have no money.

We suggest getting in touch with the mustachioed man pictured above, the CEO of DirecTV.

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