To Avoid Paying $25 Million, Insurance Co Claims Smoke Killing 3 In Fire Was "Pollution"

Via Chron:

An insurance company with a potential $25 million liability from a 2007 Houston office fire is claiming smoke that killed three people was “pollution” and surviving families shouldn’t be compensated for their losses…

Great American Insurance Company is arguing in a Houston federal court that the section of the insurance policy that excludes payments for pollution — like discharges or seepage that require cleanup — would also exclude payouts for damages, including deaths, caused by smoke, or pollution, that results from a fire.

When he thought of that loophole, that insurance lawyer must have pumped his fist in the air and ran down the cubicles demanding high-fives from people on both sides of the aisle and then gone and rewarded himself with an extra candybar from the vending machine. As they stood there waiting for the circular arm to wind out and release the chocolate surprise, he bet himself he could find a way to count it as a business expense. Easy there, big guy, he thought to himself, pride comes before a fall.

BONUS FUN FACT: The fire was started by a nurse who wanted to conceal she didn’t complete paperwork on time.

Company says smoke that killed 3 was ‘pollution’ [Chron] (Thanks to Barbara!) (Photo: princessevilina)

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