Salvation Army: Some People Who Used To Be Donors Are Now "Clients"

If the Salvation Army is a charity that you usually support, they could really use your help this year. Donations are down and, according to a press release issued Tuesday, former donors are now “clients.”

“Not only are those in greatest need asking for help today, but those who have newly fallen victim to the economic hard times are at our doors,” said commanding officer, Lt. Colonel David E. Grindle in the press release.

“These are people who once were donors, and now are clients, seeking help with groceries, utility bills and other services as they struggle to meet their family’s needs.”

We’ve also been noticing a lot of local news stories about shortages at food banks, so if you were thinking about donating this year — please do. One Utah food bank said requests for food were up 30%.

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(Photo: Compromised Exposure )

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